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Premier £39.99 Customer no regrade survey

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Registered: 11-08-2007

Premier £39.99 Customer no regrade survey


I am a Premier £39.99 mug ... sorry customer who has not yet had an order for a MaxDSL regrade posted yet.

Mand Beckett, PlusNet Comms Team:

In her words, 'All upto 4 and 8MB customers have now had an
order submitted for MaxDSL' - that post being dated 11th April

James Biley PlusNet Comms team - mail dated 13th April which clear states "Initially, we placed orders for all of our customers who have been paying more for a 4 or 8Mb connection.

I've had two tickets on this, various replies, spoken to a CSC rep and his supervisor, but still no regrade order.

Needless to say this is at the very least extremley poor customer service, bordering on false commitment, communications and breach of contract.

Anyway emotion aside, thought it would be interesting to have a quick survey of anyone else on this tarrif who has not yet had their order placed.

Premier £39.99 Customer no regrade survey


I am not on premier £39 i pay £29 but i have had my upgrade but it hasnt upped my speeds one but it was done on the 13th when i contacted PN they didnt seem to care

Premier £39.99 Customer no regrade survey

No word here either..

My PN history - Homeworker Pro 2Mb from 16/06/03 to 16/02/05 then the 39.99 premier option to date.

Gonna wait and see if anything changes around billing time


Raised a ticket today - its already been escalated with the comment

The customer has been paying for an up to 8 Mbps connection, can the regrade be processed now, please.

I think this can be cited as an example of PN CS getting things right Wink

Premier £39.99 Customer no regrade survey

Hi Darkstorm

Dont hold your breath I have been upgraded but no sign of a performance increase which i would have thpught would have been quite a large performance increase as i am only 1000m from our main exchange in my town

Sad Sad Sad