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Potential new Broadband customer


Potential new Broadband customer

A few questions before signing up to ADSL

1. Will I be able to keep my existing account name, such that my email and webspace addresses do not change.

2. Does having the all the necessary hardware afford me any discount on for instance the BB Plus acount.

3. How do I test the ADSL H/W is functional before I sign up, not having had a previous BB account.

Many Thanks
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Potential new Broadband customer

Assuming you're with Plusnet dialup (given that you are a registered user on the PN forums), then you won't need to change your webspace, email addresses, username etc... as you can simply login to the portal and "upgrade" to ADSL.

You don't get a discount for having the hardware already, but you won't be tied into repaying the hardware cost if you have it. So there are perks of having your own hardware.

Short of going to a friends house who has ADSL, you won't be able to tell if the hardware is functional without having ADSL enabled on your line.

Hope these help you...