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Postcode problem


Postcode problem

My postcode changed a while ago. Whenever Plusnet submit my Broadband application, BT apparently say that the postcode I have given on my order, ie the new correct one, is not the same as the one they have for me, ie the old incorrect one.

I've rung BT Wholesale who say they have the correct one. 150 say they have the correct one. But still the order is refused.

This has been going on since April.

Can anyone suggest another department at BT I can ring, with preferably a direct telephone number?

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Postcode problem

I would suggest a PM to one of the comms team such as Mand Chris Dave etc or alternatively open a ticket through help and support

It sounds like they may have to submit your order through to BT manually as its an automated process that can and does stop when it sees a problem of any kind

You cant talk to anyone at BT wholesale only plusnet can do that so you probably spoke to the retail side
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Postcode problem

Checking the details here do show it was the postcode, but there is not obvious explanation for this as a manual check shows it is OK.

If it is rejected again, this would indeed call for a manual order.

This is however assuming that the records have not changed since it last attempted the order from BTs side.

It should be noted, that when you call BT, they will often only ever check the billing address for you, when the concern surrounds the installation address.

The billing address can differ.

Postcode problem

I've now got this message in 'My questions' for about the 5th time:

"Our initial ADSL checks have highlighted your account cannot be
processed at this time, or that the details for your account need updating. Please note that this does not mean ADSL is definitely unavailable on your current line.

Our support team will make more checks on your account and give you and update as soon as possible. We'll ring you over the next 48 hours if we need any more information."

Why have whoever places the orders not tried a manual order? I just seem to be going around a loop which ends up with no Broadband!
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Postcode problem

Hi there,

One of our provisioning gurus is addressing this for you now, and will be placing a manual order with BT for you this afternoon. Smiley

With orders of this nature it does take a couple of days for us to receive notification of whether the order is progressing, or has been rejected, so please bear with us.