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Portal and e-mail on same server?


Portal and e-mail on same server?


I just noticed this from an email update ( sent yesterday (and received this morning):

'In light of the ongoing problems affecting access to our web portals and email collection, we have configured all but two of the mxcores to read only to allow time for the increased queues on these particular servers to be cleared.

This should have resolved the portal performance issues and customers should no longer be experiencing intermittent timeouts whilst attempting to collect their email.'

Does this mean that the portal and email are both served from the same machine? If not how exactly do the email problems affect the portal?

I'm probably wrong here Cheesy but doesn't it make sense to have them on different machines? Especially now that Plusnet are relying more on us using the portal to resolve our problems. I found it very galling hanging on the phone to CS having to listen to the repeated message 'Please use our portal before phoning etc etc' whilst the portal is taking 1/2 an hour to load a page. Come to think of it why is Plusnets portal so slow to load most days? Isn't exactly a good advertisment for them is it!



Portal and e-mail on same server?

I believe they run seperately, for example there are 21 mailservers.
I'm not sure about the number for the portals, but they run from a different servers.

The issue is that they share a storage platform, which ordinarily shouldn't present an issue, but with the backlogs of mail which built up, there was exceptional I/O load on the storage platform, hence the delays.

PN recognise that this is far from ideal, and have announced a completely seperate platform as part of their network improvement capex.

EDIT:Clicky to the plan

Portal and e-mail on same server?

Hi Sallyandjames,

Thanks for the quick reply and link!

I hadn't realised that the servers had separate storage. I'd sort of thought that they would be much like my home pc with there own discs etc.

With regards to the the slow portal, you'd have thought plusnet would have sorted that before the recent phoneline/customer services change round. Surely they need to ensure the portal is always reachable and fast to load. It's slow again this morning which isn't unusual (and hasn't been unusual for a long while) which makes browsing the forums to try to find solutions or trying to ask questions a bit of a pain.