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Portal Login problems

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Portal Login problems


Is there a problem with the portal system?

I keep having to login alot - get username/password invaild. But these are stored be my broswer - and click login again works ok. Somes get error "Error occured processing your request".

Had this same error trying to post this the message. - secound attempt now!


Portal Login problems

I do too Sad

Webmail doesn't work either Shockedops:
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Portal Login problems

Same here, I have had lots of problems this morning with repeated login requests and error occured pages popping up when I click on board threads. - took me 30 mins to get to here so I could post!!!

I'm even seeing the portal login page in the task view when typing a new post sometimes and getting lots of error pages when I try and post.

Portal Login problems

Yup, there does seem to be a problem.

The portal is both slow and authentication is a right pain.

SImply going back and attempting the link again will eventualy allow access, however, it is a random mix of the custom "Error processing request" and "Please login" messages
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Portal Login problems

Yes its doing it again with me. Just like I reported yesterday. Exept now its even worse.