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Portal Homepage HTML Error


Portal Homepage HTML Error


Firstly, I usually access the Force9 portal via my laptop with Mozilla running on Fedora Core 1 (Linux)... never had a problem with it.

However, this evening, I tried to access the portal using my fancy-schmancy Athlon64 box running Firefox on Windows XP (yes, waste of a good Athlon64, but I will stay on topic for now).

Whenever I reloaded the page, it kept coming up with errors stating 'Unable to access /Device/Harddisk1/xxxxxx', etc, etc.

The problem appears to stem from the following HTML generated as part of the Portal homepage (

<img src="file:///C|/portals/UnifiedCodebase/PlusNet/images/1pixel.gif" width="1" height="5">

Due to my system having no fixed disc accesible via C:\ (I have a card reader present on that drive letter), Firefox kept trying to read from a non-existent volume in that card reader and Windows itself was generating the error.

As most people have a hard disk at C:\, they wouldn't even see the message as their browser would try to read the local file and gracefully fail.

Nevertheless, although the error is generated by my system, the HTML itself is essentially broken and I believe that whoever is responsible for the portal design needs to change the reference so that the browser fetches that graphic from a PlusNet webserver rather than the poor users' hard disk :-p

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Portal Homepage HTML Error


Thanks for this, I've raised it to the developers so they can take a look and correct the link.