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Portal Encryption Standards


Portal Encryption Standards

Hi All

I am relatively new to PlusNet. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon:

When loging in to the portal using either Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox, all goes well. However, when using the Opera Browser, which is regarded by many as at the cutting edge of browser technology, the following warning message appears

"This site is using an outdated encryption method, currently classified as insecure. It cannot sufficiently protect sensitive data. Do you wish to continue?

When I looked into this message on the Opera webste,it is pointed out that the browser no longer routinely accepts security certificates from "old technology encryption", as do some more popular (and dated) browsers.

So, is it reasonable to ask if PlusNet are doing all they can to protect our personal details? It would appear that what protection there already is, is somewhat outdated.
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Portal Encryption Standards

I remember this being raised a while back and one of the Comms guys was going to look into it. Not heard anything since though.

Portal Encryption Standards

RC4 is an old standard and probably isn't as secure as the newer standards but I would suspect PN may have requirements to support people with older browsers that don't handle newer and improved standards - especially as the only newer standard worth moving upto is AES and I'm not sure how many browsers handle AES and how many don't...