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Poor service - or no service


Poor service - or no service

My service was 'upgraded' from the PAYG 2Mb service in early June and since then I have been running at 16Kbpsec - slower than dial-up. Three weeks after logging a fault which had been around for at least a week before, I am stiil in this situation.

Is this the story of PlusNet upgraded services?
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Poor service - or no service


Looking at your account it looks like your line is sync'ing at a lower rate for a few minutes every few days. BT don't believe the problem to be on their side and suspect something your side.

I'd suggest taking a look through


to see if anything there helps, if not it could be anyone of a number of things that may be causing it such as street lights, security lights or a central heating system or anything really that can cause RF interference. It only needs to cause the sync speed to decrease for a few minutes and the BRAS profile will be decreased and unless it's a one off it needs 3 days at a higher sync rate without decreasing to go back up.

Poor service - or no service?

Thanks for at least taking the trouble to reply - which is more than I get from your customer support. Currently, I get one reply every 3 or 4 days, which suggests you have a lot of problems to solve.

I didn't have these problems before beginning of June - I am not using central heating (for obvious reasons), the street lghts don't come on until 22.00 (again for obvious reasons) and I don't have security lights. These problems are there every minute of the day although my speed is back to where it was before the 'upgrade' and I would hazard a guess that my service has been 'unmaxed' just now.