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Poor quality of support ?


Poor quality of support ?

I'm a broadband premier customer using the plus talk 240 free minutes and have noticed that, at least at face value, I've started being charged for calls to UK (01) and (02) numbers even though I haven't used all of my free 240 minutes. Plus nets support teams response to my query was:

"From your recoreds i can see that numerous calls to mobiles and 0800 your included mins are 240 your account shows included minutes of Included minutes 03:28:41 £0.00 your new usage is set back to 240 included." :?: :?: :?:

Perhaps I'm just being rather thick, but I found the poor use of English in the reply made it completely unreadable. This isn't the professional support that I should expect to receive. Any comments ? The resolution of my original problem is of course a different issue.


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Poor quality of support ?

This would appear to be down to a problem that we're investigating for a couple of other customers, though without looking at your account in full detail I couldn't say for sure.

The ticket reply that you've received is somewhat difficult to read, and this is something that I've highlighted internally to be addressed with the agent in question.

Poor quality of support ?

Thanks Jon - you have restored my faith! Cheesy

Poor quality of support ?

I've got a similar problem ongoing from the 9th of May. Originally CSA were telling me that I had gone over the 120 minutes free allowance, see below.
The agent was not fimilar with the fact that 1 hour is 60 minutes, he was telling me that I had used 123 minutes when in fact I only had used 83 minutes.

Dear Mr Chambers,
Ther eason is you have used over the 120 min allowance if you wish to continue using then you will need to add credit to the account.
Total: 51 01:23:43