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Poor quality of service


Poor quality of service

I'm really sorry to add a new topic about the same thing as "poor telephone service" but I am really fed up Sad

Recently, I've been getting lapses in service from Metronet. The connection will go off for a few hours then come back on. This happens approx every month and has become very annoying.

Yesterday the connection was down for 24 hours. I got really fed up and called the helpline twice. I waited listeneing to songs for ages and ages (1/2 hour each go)

I didn't get thro' to anyone and then the connection came on in the middle of the night - so it it had been down for 24+ hours.

We had a big XBox game planned for last night which I had to miss and apologise to everybody involved. I know gaming online is hardly a life and death situation, but I look forward to it and, what's more, I pay for the connection too so that I can do it - it's a luxury I enjoy and pay YOU to have.

Why has the service gone downhill so badly since the old days before PlusNet took over? I really want to know. Maybe you are using your old users to sponsor more and more new users and all the failings and downtime that entails. I wish you'd let me know when there are problems - (even an email to my account would help - i can pick that up at work) and I really wish you would give me a refund if the service has been off.

I'm seriously considering going somewhere else for my service - which is a shame because I used to love the service I used to get with Metronet.

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Poor quality of service


There are all sorts of reasons why you are loosing your connection. From the symptoms you describe my initial thoughts are that they are not faults at Metronet's end.

What sort of checks have you done on your system and set up?

Take a look at this thread Bob's 16 point list cover things that the CSC will ask you to check any way - so you might as well have the answers at hand. Wink

I am suprised at the delays you experienced in call the CSC which telephone number did you call?
To pick the best time to call check out here first

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Poor quality of service

Hi there,

Is there any way for you to raise a fault report online by using the contact us system? This is generally the easiest way of reporting a fault.

Unfortunately these things due happen as is the nature of the ADSL service in this country and the limitations that come with it.

As Bill has suggested, that link is handy when seeing how busy the CSC are. There's currently 7 people in the queue, with a longest waiting time of 3.5 minutes.