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Poor connection speed


Poor connection speed

I'm on Broadband Premier Option 1 and have been moved across to LLU. Ever since yesterday my connection had been going at speeds up to and around 4mbps, which is great considering the line was deemed not good enough for 2mbps originally. However, the connection would regularly drop out.

Yesterday the connection dropped out, so I reconnected (something I am quite used to) however the speed after reconnection was a quite frankly awful 120kbps. Ever since then any connections have been around 200kbps, except for one time last night, when the reported connection was 3mbps, but actual performance was still around 200kbps.

I've tried to complete the fault checker, but at the last stage (I think its the last stage anyway) the submit button produces a fault, so I'm stuck.

(Just to add, interestingly enough, the upload speed is still reported to be around 600kbps, which is what I was getting before.)