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Poor Support...


Poor Support...

I'm getting increasingly concerned with the level of PN support these days. I opened an account about 2 years ago, requested an IP block (of 8.), and requested reverse DNS. No problem. I've just gone to open another account and it's taking forever!

Replies are taking days - the most recent took a week - a far cry from the target responce time and the stats shown online.

I opened the new account - that was fine, I then requested an IP range - I followed the example and because I need 6 - as per the example I said that left 2 for future expansion include IP webcams. I was then told PN can not allocate IP ranges based on future expansion and I'd have to use NAT. I explained NAT was only for outbound use and pointed out their own example includes future use - and that I'd provided justification for 4 usable IP's.

The range was then allocated. So reverse DNS is the next mission. Despite the notice on the rdns page saying if the domain is not hosted with PN the forward records must be setup first I've just been told PN are unable to setup rDNS for domains they do not host....

Either the documentation is out of date or the staff are poorly trained - I'm reading one thing and being told another!
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Poor Support...

Try PMing one of the comms team here on the forum. They should be able to help. If you need 6 IPs then you need 6 so 8 would have to be issued. I think the staff member who answered your ticket must of thought you ment all the IPs were for future expansion. Only reason I can think of for them refusing like that.