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Poor Service


Poor Service

I had been holding on the telephone for 30 minutes to talk to a support person only to be told that becuase I have a 'dabsol' e-mail address that he can not help me. When we signed up with Plusnet it was on the understanding that we could keep our existing Dabsol address and it would be supported. The person gave me a telephone number to contact dabsol e-mail support, but when I dialled, the number does not exist. I pay £24.99 per month to Plusnet and when I contact them for help they won't help me!!! Why doesn't anyone take responsibility for stuff anymore?
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Poor Service

You do not say what your problem is, but if its along the lines of "my dabsol email is not working" what makes you think Plusnet can help? Its like asking Morphey Richards to fix your Dualit toaster!

I see from a quick google Dabsol is now out of business. It was a freebie from Dabs but is no longer. Dabs website says that dabsol is effectively dead though it has not been switched off as such but...

"Dabsol is an unsupported free-of-charge service. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

I suggest you dump this email asap.

If you outline your problem then there may be someone here that can help.
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Poor Service

I believe, that PlusNet may well have been the service provider for dabsol.

Hence why the question on here.

The problems with the dabsol e-mail, may well be tied in with the current problems with the PlusNet e-mail servers being under very high loads.

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Poor Service

Hi there,

What is the problem you are experiencing with the email?