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Poor Customer Service - no response by web or 'phone


Poor Customer Service - no response by web or 'phone

Just been trying to move my broadband to my new address, and the tool really doesn't work, you can't get the same day start as the stop, and BT say that is perfectly possible. I raised a question with support two days ago, no reply, again reminded them this morning, still nothing, then went ahead and booked it, with resulting expected loss of ADSL for about 10 days. Very poor service. Here is the question I posted:

"Question topic: Your question | ID: 19766363 Open
Your original question 6:55am, Thursday 6th July 2006
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[Move My Broadband]

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I've tried using the Move My ADSL tool to move my ADSL connection with a planned move of home. It rejects the start date, which I've tried to make the same as the cancel date and the next day, but won't tell me how many days gap there needs to be.

BT told me when I booked the move of telephone that it can be done the same day, but this is rejected by the tool. The job number with BT is KSK579MY and the move date is 14th July.

Your comment 8:20am, Saturday 8th July 2006
Please can I have an urgent reply to this question. It has now remained unanswered for two days!

Your comment 3:39pm, Saturday 8th July 2006
Gave up waiting and booked it so now have to wait even longer due to no reply from you. Your support of (long standing) customers really is pathetic these days. Tried to call but the over complicated telephone system is designed to discourage calls, and after going through the most logical options it refers back to the website and clears the call down - after paying for the call for 2½ minutes to get to that point.

I now have to wait for ten days from my move on 14th July until 24th July before you can arrange to switch the broadband on again - BT said there is no reason why it can't be done the same day. Just plain incompetance it seems to me. Rest asured that if I am without broadband for any time I shall be requesting a refund of my subscription, and if not forthcoming I shall go elsewhere.

I read somewhere that you are trying to improve your service level - doesn't seem like that to me, but then I'm just a customer and don't count at all!"

What kind of ISP company is this I'm using? Just pathetic service these days. Sad


Poor Customer Service - no response by web or 'phone


Sounds like i've got problems looming for when I try the same next week.

I was with AOL before this lot and I changed because I did not like their filtering but to be fair to them, their customer support was miles better than this.

Perhaps they are economising and have only got a couple of supprt personnel now. Either way you shouldn't have to put up with this sort of service. If my business was to adopt the "mañana " attitude these people seem to adopt then it would cease to exist and quite rightly so.


RE djver comments

Looks like you could have problems too. I finally got an apologetic response late on Saturday, saying that it would be at least 10days, could be up to three weeks without ADSL service. If you change your number you can have same day connection though. I didn't want to change my number, but I could have had the broadband on another number I'm also taking with me but I didn't know this at the time.

They also said they will improve service steadily, but it will take a while, and will credit for any time not on broadband

So its out with the laptop and use dial up for a while I guess!


Poor cutermer sevice

It look like I am not alown then.
I have been trying buy e-mail, but web and by phone and I still cant get any help from F9.
I have had large download on my acount when there is no one in the house and no equipment conected to the line, (eg no comuter no medem) So how have I been downloading.

Why can't F9 sort out cutermere sevice.
It stinks