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Poll for Torrent Users

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Poll for Torrent Users

Some users have good torrent speeds, others do not.
Plusnet is proposing to give everybody good speeds by throttling encrypted P2P.

Clearly, those with problems who use encryption will not be helped by slowing it down, so it might be helpful to get some figures.

Pse give a typical OFF PEAK download speed for a well-seeded torrent.
Yes, I know it's not an exact science, stable rates vary, and that some people's slowdowns may be due to their settings/firewalls. However, it will be better than no figures at all.

Poll for Torrent Users

I don't use torrents very often (once a fortnight) but when I do, that's when I get disconnected from PN. I get maybe 25% the way through and it disconnects. It's never very fast ~10Kbs (or whatever it is - I don't know a lot about that).

Poll for Torrent Users

I was getting 100-300kb/s download speeds with encryption but I got very p***** off with the whole thing & started to look at other download methods.

Edit : I should clarify my speeds a little here I think... On average I was getting just over 200Kb/s downloads during the 1am-7am period, but anything after about 7am would drop to a snails pace & I was lucky to get over 20Kb/s. So for most of the off-peak period, downloads were much lower than 100Kb/s.

I would strongly recommend that people look into Usenet with a subscription-based service if it holds the kind of files you usually download with Torrents. I've been using it very successfully for the last week or so at very good speeds indeed.

Drop me a PM (or email to anyone at my username .com) if you want more info as I'm pretty sure recommending subscription-based services on these forums is against the rules.
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Poll for Torrent Users

First let's clarify - I took your poll to mean kiloBytes per second, so I voted accordingly (encrypted <100).

Offpeak I can reckon on getting about 40 kbytes/sec (ie about 300 kbits/sec), but as far as I can see, the main variable is at the other end. If I'm lucky enough to get half a dozen active seeds that are not already swamped with requests I can easily double that, but most of the time I seem to get one seed that's fairly respectable (perhaps 20kB) and lots of others trundling along at about 1 to 3 kB.

Those sort of figures do suggest it's the seeds rather than the network that are the trouble in my case.

Come peak time, it's a different story. Unless it's a small file that I need urgently I don't even bother to try, so most of my downloading is done between midnight and 8am.