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Plustalk questions...


Plustalk questions...

Hi, a few questions for ppl in the know about plustalk and the free 240 mins.

1). What software do I need to use plustalk?

2). Can I use a landline phone and plug it into my router and use plustalk? If I can, where do I buy a converter for my phone / router?

Errm, do I need a VOIP router, I have a dg834GT router

3). Can I use plustalk (free 240 mins )to phone International No's? or is it local / national numbers only

4). Never seen plustalk option in the members area, where is it located incase I want debit money into the account

thx Smiley
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Plustalk questions...

1) There's a range of software only options available, the one that I'd recommend is X-Lite, which you can find more information about it here

2) Not normally, though you can by a device known as an ATA that allows you to plug a regular phone into your router. Though there are far too many of these to go into details here.

3) No, the free minutes only apply to 01 and 02 numbers, anything else would require there be credit on your account.

4) The details appear under Account Details, in the Member Centre.