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Plustalk cancellation problem

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Plustalk cancellation problem

In November I gave notice to downgrade my Plustalk account. This was meant to take place on 15 December prior to my billing period on 16 December. Unfortunately Plusnet failed to activate the downgrade and I have now been charged for the period to 15 January.

I have asked Plusnet to refund the money they have incorrectly collected immediately but they want me to wait a month to ensure I don't use the undowngraded plustalk service.

The amount involved is peanuts however I am concerned at the failure of Plusnet to correctly resolve their mistake and expect the customer to wait for a refund.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?
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Plustalk cancellation problem

if you have proof of your request to downgrade at the specified time i cant see what they can do. you are within your rights and have not breached any conditions so its purely thier fault and should refund you immediately i would have thought.
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Plustalk cancellation problem

I can see both sides of the story here tbh.

I would however say PN should refund the OP and if they make any calls charge them at the PT PAYG rates.

Plustalk cancellation problem

i asked to leave the service (on payg) after i just could not get the system to work! - and when i did, it was extremly poor quailty. So i ask to have a refund for the money which i had not used (the money which i did use was to test it)

They said 30 days to wait for a refund or next billing date, cant remember what! - and guess what! no refund. Rasied a ticket to say wheres my refund! - and said they could not canncelled because i had no reason to cancel or something!

Any how, cut the long story short! - then sorted it after a while! (by moving my billing date forward) So i was happy!

Just do it the first time, would save you a lot of hassle!! Tongue