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Plusnets ticket system

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Registered: 03-10-2007

Plusnets ticket system

Just been and had a look on my contact us ticket page only to find a ticket from plusnet support trying to sell me “GREAT OFFERS ON BROADBAND HARDWARE!”

Personally I don’t want to wade through PN ‘promotional’ tickets to find information of importance to my account.

Is PN advertising the right use for the ticket system?
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Plusnets ticket system


It's not a case of marketting, it's a case of accountability.

Any contact we send to customer, be is a reply to contact us, a service notice, billing information or as we see, marketting matter, is recorded in contact us.

For one, it allows any support agents to see what the customer received, especially when there can be several different versions of a message that may be mass-dispatched.

On a personall note, I probably agree it's annoying, but I also like the idea that if I was supposed to have received it, it can be prooved.

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Plusnets ticket system

It may be worth adding a suggestion to the relevant forum about adding another filter to the ticketing system. Currently the only filters are time based. Perhaps addition of 'opened by', 'closed by' and 'category' and so on filters could be added?