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Plusnet sorry for not informing premier customers re QOS

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Registered: 31-08-2007

Plusnet sorry for not informing premier customers re QOS

I'm a BB+ customer so this doesn't effect me quite the same as the Premier people here, but I felt I must say this:-

How can a company forget to inform it's customers that it has introduced a change to the way traffic Premier users send/recieve is managed?

If it was one person out of say 20 they had forgotten to inform I could understand it, hey I've missed out the off person from a circular at work, but a number of thousand!!!

I'm a bit too quick on the conspiracy theories sometimes, but had the difference on P2P been the few percent that had been expected and nobody had complained, would we have seen the statement from Neil Armstrong,Head of Marketing, PlusNet, I myself think NOT Sad

It's a shame really as I've just moved from Pipex to save £8.50pm and noticed the mention that P2P would be managed in peak time, this I don't mind and can wait til overnight for speeds to pick up, but it's unusual for me to get above a couple of K in the day, this I'm not sure I class as managed, more like crippled Sad

Anyway, my main statement was this, would PN have put Neil's message up if the QOS had not have hit so many people so harshly?