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Plusnet service


Plusnet service

Have not posted for a while, this is because I have been satisfied with the service to a large degree. But now I need Plusnet to let me know what is happening specific to my account. I have been paying £21.99 for a while now and all I get for this is a connection of 1.1 Mbps, stable as it is. There have been promises of future speed increases with LLU etc but this never seems to be going anywhere and I feel that I am not getting value for money.
My other gripe is that Carphone Warehouse are offering a package covering phone, tv and broadband for the same price as I am paying Plusnet.
So can someone tell me why I should stick around and I dont really want some vague at some point in the future this or that may happen. I would like a definitive action plan with realistic time scales so that I can judge for myself if I am getting my monies worth. :?: Sad

Plusnet service

I looked at your previous post and you said you was on a Milton Keynes Exchange.

It says here that MILTON KEYNES SMBT has now got Tiscali LLU. In roughly 2 months I would guess you will have upto 8MBs but you will be able to get 16MB or 24MB before the end of this year on your exchange.

The future is sort of looking brighter, but if you want to move you might want to read some of the threads regarding requesting a MAC and Tiscalu LLUs. Depending on whether you are already on the Tiscali LLU means at the moment switching to another provider may not be a wise thing.

If I was you I would just wait, if it doesnt work out hopefully PN will have fixed the Tiscali LLU migration so you can switch to whomever you like.

Sorry if what I am saying seems very unclear. Its just so confusing at the moment the only thing you can really do is read a few of the stickies and the posts regarding LLU and Tiscali. Hopefully then you will be able to understand exactly what is happening.

Although I will repeat that Plusnet have said that most of us should be on upto 8MB connections within the next few months Wink

If you are using a router there are ways of finding out what your guessimate speed will be. You can find all this infomation in the stickies aswell.


Plusnet service

Methinks I'm going to be on a 24Meg connection in rural Sweden before I see 8 meg here Cheesy
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Plusnet service

Although I am somewhat ‘upset’ with PN’s inability to provide answers to questions asked on tickets and their farcical attempts at planning. I am still here.

I have not had any serious problems with my connection (apart from the occasional hiccup) and for the most part have been able to do every thing I want although not necessarily when I want.

I have looked at all the other ISP’s including ‘car phone warehouse’ and can find none that are without problems or are going to have problems in the near future.

CPW locks you in for 18 Months so I would have to be 100% certain they were ok before considering them.

You may have already been through this but if you can get your signal to noise ratio (SNR) and attenuation figures from your modem and post them here we might be able to help with your present speeds.

If you are a long way from the exchange then there maybe little that can be done although when you are connected to MaxDSL things might improve because of the way it works.

John H

Plusnet service

Firstly thanks for the constructive feedback pity Plusnet are not as quick, I hope that Phearfactor is right about the MK exchange as it has been a long time in coming. Here is some info I have pulled from my modem
04/16/2006 - 09:03:08 - EVENT = PHYSICAL STATISTICS -
Upstream Output Power = -38 dBm
Upstream Noise Margin = +25.0 dB
Upstream Attenuation = 31.5 dB
Upstream Bits per Frame = 265
Upstream CRC Errors = 113
Upstream FEC Errors = 104
Upstream HEC Errors = 216
Downstream Noise Margin = +8.6 dB
Downstream Attenuation = 31.5 dB
Downstream Bits per Frame = 628
Downstream CRC Errors = 36657
Downstream FEC Errors = 0
Downstream HEC Errors = 11671
Startup Attempts = 1
04/16/2006 - 09:03:08 - EVENT = AAL STATISTICS - (Receive) -
Good Bytes = 165097728
Good Frames = 172174
Discarded Bytes = 195696
Discarded Frames = 152
Timeout Errors = 0
Length Errors = 4
CRC Errors = 148
04/16/2006 - 09:03:08 - EVENT = AAL STATISTICS - (Transmit) -
Good Bytes = 40685952
Good Frames = 191903
Discarded Bytes = 0
Discarded Frames = 0
04/16/2006 - 09:03:08 - EVENT = ATM STATISTICS - (Receive) -
Bytes = 182518750
Cells = 3443750
Management Cells = 1
CLP = 0 Cells = 3443748
CLP = 1 Cells = 2
HEC Errors = 11739
Cell Alignment Errors = 20
Unroutable Cells = 11
04/16/2006 - 09:03:08 - EVENT = ATM STATISTICS - (Transmit) -
Bytes = 44924178
Cells = 847626
Management Cells = 2
CLP = 0 Cells = 847626
CLP = 1 Cells = 0
I would still like feedback on the package side of Plusnet for a combined Broadband, tv and telephone package with timescale though. Cool
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Plusnet service

I believe you should get 2Mb although there is something not quite right with the downstream noise figures. You might have something connected to your phone line at home causing this or a faulty filter.

Go to the PN help and support page and run through the automated fault checker