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Plusnet read.


Plusnet read.

I'm not saying plusnet 'please' read because they treat their customers liked censored so why should I be polite.

I'm getting sick now of many things plusnet, never being able to connect first time, forever clicking redial. Sick of getting disconnected. Sick of slow speeds. Most of all sick of your pathetic email service.
I've been with you on broadband now for about 3 years, you have had enough money out of me, now I want something back and no, I ain't saying please.

You deleted my open ticket about my emails, about the third or fourth one I raised because you couldn't be bothered answering and they were closed by you. My last ticket isn't even there any more, you've deleted it. Why the censored did you ask me for the information then not bother answeringHuh

Half the emails I send are not being delivered. Why are my emails not being received by people with a blueyonder email address? I want to know.

Now the lastest one (if this connection holds out long enough for me to post this), why am I not receiving any emails sent to me through my domain name? for example
Where are they going??

You can ensure we get 25+ emails of censored spam every censored day so why can't you ensure I get legit emailsHuh

It's a waste of time and money phoning you, plough the the censored menus and stay on hold for over half a censored hour.
It's a waste of time raising a ticket, you never bother to answer unless it suits you, then you just delete them.

This has been going on for months and I have been ignored every censored time.

So many are jumping ship, think I'll be the next to go from this pathetic excuse for an ISP.

Do I need to get out more?

Plusnet read.

And I'm also fed up with the ftp connection, always slow, always getting timeout errors.

Tantrum over for now.

But I'm going to carry on throwing my toys out of my pram until plusnet reply.
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Plusnet read.

Hope you've got a lot of toys :lol:
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Plusnet read.


I think you've found the best way to evade the swear filter. It really isnt hard to fill in those blanks. Cheesy

Plusnet read.



it does feel kinda nice

censored up piece of censored

i just wish they would tell us why they arent replying to anything? if they are busy fixing it why not tell us. if their leisure time is being spoilt by a poor product for which they pay for, im sure we would all understand that it can begin to affect the rest of your life. just a little good old pnet communication. for censored's sake.

Plusnet read.

Now this is amusing...

I copy and pasted my first post and raised it as a ticket yet again.

PN have replied and parts of the reply are:
<<Also using swear words in any post or ticket will not help, we are here to help you and seeing bad language is not good. So please try to restrain yourself in the response to this.>>
No comment because bad language....

Now this bit of their reply:
<<You say blueyonder addresses are not getting through. If you can supply 1 email address we can test this from here, we also have staff who have Blueyonder connections so we can test with them as well.>>
Even the plusnet staff are not on plusnet!!! That says it all.

Plusnet read.

TBH its not much of a surprise or a scandal - I have email addresses going back years, and there is no point in changing them just because I can now use PN ones instead!

(You don't have to be a Blueyonder subscriber to have a blueyonder email addy!)

get a life!!

Lostboyuk you do need to get out more!!
Try educating yourself to resolve this issue simply raising loads of tickets will not resolve your issue as im sure the support staff are very busy so multiple tickets opened for the same issue by the same customers would seem rather a waste of resources.

Come on google your problem, readup on your issue, educate yourself a little, and i think pasting replys from the csc is also a childish and boring thing to do!!
Just my option!!!


Plusnet read.

Do you think I am happy about opening multiple tickets? Do you not think there is a reason for that?
Because they are not answered. If they were answered I wouldn't raise the same again. Doesn't take much to work that one out.

Plusnet read.

Even the plusnet staff are not on plusnet!!! That says it all.

Not really. If you have cable available it is generally cheaper and offers other facilities to adsl. Why shouldnt people have a cable connection rather than dsl?