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Plusnet, please give BTw a slap


Plusnet, please give BTw a slap

I was supposed to have been disconnected yesterday, saw the order on BTs order tracking page, but my connection is still active.
Plusnet in all fairness placed the cease last week, but BT Wholesale haven't delivered again.

Since they only talk to ISPs, can someone from PN please give them a nudge - my Sky priority code is quickly running out.

I've got an open ticket about this, but no-one seems to read them anymore, so this is my only hope!
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Plusnet, please give BTw a slap

Hi there,

The cease has not yet completed, and I cannot see any reason why. To that end I have passed this onto our provisioning team to make a call and see what the issue is. The ticket should be updated shortly.

Plusnet, please give BTw a slap

Mand, my PN connection is still active, no-ones told me why the cease hasn't taken place.

I'm getting frustrated now, Sky can't connect me until I've been ceased, and their priority code will run out in a few days, which means I'll get put to the back of the queue (no internet for a few weeks).

Please can you inform me when this will happen?