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Plusnet offering support on the hardware they provide.


Plusnet offering support on the hardware they provide.

Plusnet customer service support should be fully conversant with the hardware they provide.
I have contacted the customer support desk on four occasions you try to find out how to enable the Voyager 205 router that is supplied with the broadband package, to access on line gaming sites.
I draw a frustrating blank on each occasion and had to spend three weeks trawling internet sites to get the information i needed.

The problem is that the router has most of the ports blocked when supplied (a good security idea until you want to open them for on line gaming). There is no instructions with the delivered pack how to configure the router to open ports.

May I suggest that Plusnet, review their support protocols on hardware configuration, there is a lot of information out there, not to respond to their customers saying "sorry but our support is only for the connection only".

I will be only too willing to show them the best websites to configure the Voyager 205, for a small fee of course and also to recover the 2 hours and 35 minutes i wasted on the phone expecting to get this information from Plusnet directly.