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Plusnet non support line


Plusnet non support line

For the 1st time since having plusnet installed Last August / September, I called the technical support line last night due to a loss of connection.

When I called the 0845, the nice lady told me at the beginning of the call, "we're very busy at the moment & waiting time is in excess of 10 minutes".

I know from reading previous posts that this is not true, however decided to hold on, 1hour and 5 minutes later my call was answered. After being told approximately every 2/3 minutes "to help us find your details faster and deal with you call as quickly as possible, please have your username, telephone number or post code ready". Whats the point in repeating the same message over and over again, why not invest a little bit of cash saying, the support time is current "x" minutes or your currently "xxx" in place in the queue.

Why when I have been on hold for over 1hour at my expense, will you then not offer any technical help over the phone. You will inform me to go and do some initial checks (which were already performed, apart from connecting to the BT test login). To do them and then call back, so a what turned out to be a modem and driver issue, could have turned into a 2hr telephone call to technical (or longer if I had to do more checks and call back).

Why does plusnet not offer support but get customers too call back, is it to cut you call queue time? because it's not working.

Altogether I spent on average 65 minutes on hold and 5 minutes talking to the operator at a cost off approximately £2.10 - then calling the premium line, to get an answer that the 0845 number "should have supplied" in 2/3 minutes at a cost £1.50 to myself.

The questions for Plusnet, is what are you doing about your call support times, please don't fob me off with the email which was sent yesterday.