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Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)


Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

I've just received this e-mail from Plusnet:

"As you may know, we have recently been working with a range of broadband network partners so that we can offer all of our customers the best value broadband service in the UK, as well as access to faster broadband speeds where available. As a result of this, we will be updating your broadband connection to use a new part of our broadband network on 28-04-2006.

What do you need to do?
You don't need to do anything, we'll do all the work. While we carry out the work, your broadband and phone line will be offline for approximately 5 minutes (although in very rare occasions this could be a maximum of 2 hours). You will then be able to re-connect, using the same settings and hardware as normal.

We will email you to let you know when the move is complete. There is a small chance that we will be unable to move your service; if this happens we will not contact you and your broadband will continue to work in exactly the same way as it does now.

Please check our dedicated supported page if you have any questions -

Thank you for your continued custom.

Kind regards,

PlusNet Customer Support

This email has been sent to you as it contains important information about your service from PlusNet. Please do not reply to this email, as this is an unmonitored address."

I have raised a ticket to let Plusnet know that I do not agree to the change in my account and therefore requested a MAC.

Plusnet if you are reading this STOP this change-over as I do not agree to the change-over. The ticket # 19200152.

I read a post from another Plusnet member, where you stopped his LLU migration and sugest you do the same for me.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

It's hardly surprising that so many people are annoyed by Plusnet's position on this (no opt-out), when they regard the current BT system for dealing with LLU as “outrageous” (FAQ, Qustion 12).

Not so outrageous, it appears, that Plusnet would want to protect their customers' experience from it, by offering an opt-out.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

You may initially be told you cannot be given your MAC as others have. If so, tell them to cancel the LLU order immediately and provide you with your MAC. There may be a day or two while the order is cancelled that your MAC will not work, but you should soon be able to migrate.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

I have just checked if a regrade order has been placed yet on (via this thread and through the BT order tracker and it appears no order has been placed yet.

So I should get/need my MAC before the order is placed. Or you (Plusnet) will need to stop the order.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

As there is no opt-out, the only way to stop this process is to request your MAC and move to another ISP, else you will be moved to the LLU service.
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Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

Are they sending this mail after the LLU order has been submitted (making it too late to obtain a MAC without forcing a cancellation of the LLU order first, as others have had to do), or will they at least have the decency to send a mail before an order is placed allowing the customer to obtain a MAC should they not wish to be forced over.

I've have an open ticket on LLU, and will reply asking the above. From the posts on here, it seems some people have had ticket response saying this will be the case and they can request a MAC, but it seems in practise this has not been the case. I wonder if this could be clarified?

It seems my exchange is listed as 'not yet active' (or something like that) which implies it won't be problem for me yet, but might be in the near future Sad

Still annoyed at the lack of opt-out. This seems a blatant cost-cutting move, one which is detrimental to the user in terms of no migration path and also if you are left with no connection (as The Register reported). We still have no clear clarification of the PlusNet policy should a cease and re-provide be necessary.

There was me thinking customer service was of some importance to PlusNet - obviously not in this case just cost-cutting and a lack of opt out so they reach the specific number of connections they have agreed in advance in the deal with Tiscali.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

There is still some confusion over at what point in the process notification is given. Originally it was not given until the order had been accepted by BT and a date given (i.e. the order would have to be cancelled). When this was disputed as proper notification, PlusNet representatives disputed this and said they thought it was fine. It appears from some posts made more recently that because of the backlash PlsuNet's stance has changed and they will be informing people as soon as they put the order in. But we have yet to have 100% official clarification of this and for many it is already too late. I believe that there is a high level meeting taking place today between staff and the CEO of PlusNet concerning the LLU situation.
If you have any concerns though, it's best to get your MAC and migrate. Unfortunately it's the only way to be sure of anything.


Are the ticket response times on the Plusnet website just "ball park figures" or are they compiled from real data? Because they don't seem to be, as I've read posts from users (both in ADSLguide and this forum) who have waited over a day for a response. Target is 4 hours, and average closure time is just over an hour.

I raised 2 tickets just after 11am this morning and still no response.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

Many people have their suspicions over the ticket response times quoted Wink
I'm sure they are accurate, in the sense that any statistics are. Sometimes tickets take days to be replied to, sometimes minutes. It all depends on how busy things are (they're playing catchup after the long weekend at the moment), which department the ticket is assigned to, which way the wind is blowing Wink etc.

If you post the ticket numbers here one of the comms team may jump in and have a look, which means you'll likely get a much clearer answer too.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

received a reply from customer service that they cannot provide me witha MAC.
-net you are a bunch of wankers.

How can you cancel the LLu request on other members accounts and not mine.

Username msood

We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support
Centre has now returned ticket number [ 19200152 ] to yourself.

The following comment was added to the ticket
Dear Mr Sood,
Unfortunately, we cannot stop the changeover to the Tiscali LLU service.

Also, we have NOT changed the terms and conditions, as we are merely using an alternate Wholesale provider for the ADSL services.

As such we are still providing the ADSL service, and are NOT in breech of the contract.



We are unable to supply a MAC key due to your migration to our alternative network supplier and their service being an LLU service.

We can cancel the agreement if you wish but you will need to pay re-activation with the new ISP.

Can you confirm if you still wish to cancel knowing we cannot provide a MAC.

Is there anything we can do to retain your custom, and can you advise why you would wish to cancel.


How can you not provide a MAC, according to BT tracker, the order hasn't even been placed yet.. Why shoul I have to pay a re-activation fee, when I migrated to you, I payed a activation fee to my previous ISP so I could stay with BT.

You therefore have changed my agreement by changing my network provider from BT to Tiscali.

My Ticket numbers are: 19200152, 19200081
Can someone from comms. team please look at this for me. and why are your CS staff talking crap about an ordre already being placed and not being able to cancel.

So how can you cancel this users LLU order and not mine.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

I love the way they start using caps as if it's going to help.

Unfortunately it seems the only way to actually get your MAC is to get OFCOM involved.

Also, Ian Wild (after refusing to deal with these problems when we raised them as likely issues) said
Users should never be financially disadvantaged by this and I agree that would be wrong. Point me to a situation where this is happening and I will make sure we find a way to deal with that to the customers satisfaction.

Send him a PM if no-one from Comms picks up on this issue and resolves it for you and hold him to his word.

More details about this happening to another customer is in this thread.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

I PM'd Ian Wild yesterday, straight after I got the original -mail. With no reply, so I don't know if he actually cares about these problems or he's sill in a meeting.

Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

I'm sorry but I',m not sure what else to say then, if you've been in touch with support, with Ian and I'm sure plenty of the Comms team have seen this thread...
The only thing left is to phone OFCOM.

I look forward to seeing how this pans out and hope you end up with a satisfactory resolution, hopefully allowing you to move with no cost and compensation for your inconvenience and any downtime.
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Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)

Andrew on ADSLGuide may be interested as well.
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Plusnet moving me to LLU without permission (ISPA contacted)


We have not cancelled any LLU orders after they have been placed, there was one instance last week where a customer cancelled their service after an order had been placed which obviously we had to action.

We cannot simply cancel an order once it has been committed as this can cause a loss of service and issues on your line which obviously we do not want. There are also costs associated with this.

I would like to emphasise that we are working with Tiscali wholesale here not Tiscali retail and that there has been no negative feedback from customers moved over. We remain confident that the service is an excellent alternative to IPstream products and provides no detriment to the customer experience.