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Plusnet has destroyed my connection


Plusnet has destroyed my connection

I have now been without broadband for a week. Everytime that I try to get somebody at Plusnet to fix it I get another generic answer from the website cut and pasted into a ticket response. This problem could have been sorted out in minutes on the phone but instead I am paying for a lack of service and Plusnet are withholding any kind of customer servce.

I moved house a week ago. After a long phonecall with BT I spoke to somebody who arranged to change the connection at the exchange so that our phoneline+adsl was transferred to our new address. No cease or stop was used on the line. BT did this transparently so that the connectio to my isp would remain identical. All that plusnet needed to do was change our billing address. I was given a startcode for the line and told that my isp would know what to do with it (some chance).

Monday morning 9am our line was up and running - with working broadband. BT did a fantastic job and we were moved across without any problems. For three days everything worked fine. Then on wednesday night our broadband went dead. It has proved impossible to get an answer from plusnet about why.

I have been told so far:
1. We were using the previous tenants broadband and it was ceased. BT has confirmed that this is rubbish, we were always using our own line.
2. We need to go through the moving house procedure as broadband cannot be supplied until after it has happened. This is clearly rubbish as we had working broadband for three days.
3. The line is disconnected and we need to pay a £55 connection fee. This is rubbish, BT have confirmed that the line was connected last monday, adsl is active and that the status has not changed.

Our line is still sitting at showtime with a 2Mb connection to the adsl gear in BT's exchange. The problem is that we cannot make a ppp connection to plusnet anymore because they have decided that we are not connected. The fact that BT insists that we are connected does not bother them.

There are already two tickets in the system about this issue: 19959561 & 19987918. Using the ticket system has been a slow and painful lesson in the lack of customer service that plusnet provides. WHAT THE HELL IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET YOU TO FIX OUR CONNECTION?
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Plusnet has destroyed my connection


I've replied to your Question for you, but the short answer is BT can't move your broadband service to a new line without us placing an order to do this as well. So whatever broadband that's on there isn't PlusNet broadband. As I've said in the Question Ofcom should be able to help with this type of situation as they have access to the BT database.

Plusnet has destroyed my connection

As I've explained above we have been connected *to plusnet* for three days before our connection disappeared. It was definitely a plusnet adsl connection as I used it to login to work. Thanks for passing this on to Ofcom but I think the problem still lies with plusnet.

Plusnet has destroyed my connection

I've discovered that you can sometimes log into one ISP's account using another's connection. I can do this myself currently in fact due to a fortuitous 'accident'.

The reason that connection you had stopped working after 3 days is probably because the previous owner's ISP has now turned off that account on that line although of course you're still seeing sync, that doesn't mean it'll do anything.

Didn't PN offer a free transfer with your moving house ? Why do they want £55 ?