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Plusnet get something right!

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Registered: 02-08-2007

Plusnet get something right!

I think there's something that has been overlooked amongst the member's of Plusnet.

OK, so the service is slow and sub standard.

Sure, I've got 3 tickets open that haven’t had a satisfactory answer in weeks.

But Plusnet get something right, month after month for EVERY user....

They managed to take £21.99 off me successfully this month once again - they NEVER get that wrong.

So back off a little guys, they do get something right!


Plusnet get something right!

yes, you are right. Credit where credit is due. They have never failed to take a payment from me a single time in 5 years. They are top notch in this area. Oh and you forgot to mention that they dont release your line even when your account is closed. Having to close the account was the option they gave to escape since they wont give llu macs (or at least thats wot they told my dad). But yes, if i ever want to make sure payment is taken from my account each and every month without fail, even if there is no service, plusnet are the guys!