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Plusnet e-mail system hacked?


Plusnet e-mail system hacked?

Very strange but all my mail boxes including postmaster and one that is virtually never used have been attacked today by several spam e-mails. (all marked spam by PlusNet)

Not happy about this as obviously it is something in the Plusnet system set up which is causing this to happen. No changes at all from my side and as I say one mail box account has not been used at all in several months.

I have never had any problems with large amounts of spam since joining PlusNet in 2003 due to the way I handle my mail accounts and take care in who and how e-mail is sent.

Anyone else had similar things happening today?
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Plusnet e-mail system hacked?

Same here. All using the address which I don't use.

I've changed all my passwords just in case :-(

Plusnet e-mail system hacked?

Hi, me too, all to my postoffice acount that I have never used. If it's the case that this mailing address has got out then +net need to explain how this has happened...
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Plusnet e-mail system hacked?

Looks like me and tffive both posted our threads at the same time - I've reported the same thing here.
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Same here - spam to unknown / unused / deleted accounts

Same here. One account had previously only one email sent to it in 2005 when I registered a product with Apple.

What's even more sinister is that a few months ago I had deleted this account along with others in a big tidy up to prevent such a thing happening.

Something bad has gone wrong somewhere.........

Worried of Cyberspace.
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Plusnet e-mail system hacked?


There's reports over in the newsgroups too. I will make sure this is looked into as a priority first thing tomorrow when I'm back in the office. Seems that there was a large influx of mail earlier on.


Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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Plusnet e-mail system hacked?

Lets keep all discussion on this subject in a single place.