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Plusnet complaints address????


Plusnet complaints address????

OK I suppose I had better put it in writing that I want a MAC code before my contract starts in a few hours.

Can anyone confirm if this is the right address for complaints?

PO Box 3704
Terry Street
S9 2WL

This is the only address I could find, this was on the Press centre page.... Is it the right one?

I suppose I could always make it an open letter and send it to the Register to publish if I can not find the right addressSmiley

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Plusnet complaints address???? near the bottom is the complaints procedure.

You can request a MAC via the help & support question system, you don't have to write a letter.

Help & Support
Customer Services & billing
Account Management
Move to another broadband provider
Another ISP (if you don't want to say from the others in the list)
Type in your reason for requesting a MAC or just say you want to migrate.

Plusnet complaints address????

Thanks I did not notice that.

I want to get my request noticed. I am running a business and loosing business at the moment because of my last ISP. I am not prepaired to take that risk again.

I am going to get it in writing though, having worked for several of the bigger ISP's I know what happens to complaints that are not in writing. I suspect that you do too. Smiley


Plusnet complaints address????

Just looked through that page you send and it seems like I had the right address.