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Plusnet admits that they have let us down


Plusnet admits that they have let us down

Here is the text of an email - entitled "We have let you down" that I have just received from PlusNet:

You have played a direct part in PlusNet’s success by recommending us to others. It’s through the support and trust of people like you that we have enjoyed the rapid growth we have experienced in recent years. You are a very valued customer.

In the past few months some customers have experienced a variety of issues with their service. It may well be that you haven’t, so if this is the first you’ve heard then I’ll briefly bring you up to speed. There have been some service issues with the BT 8Mb MAX upgrade programme that have caused some customers problems. Inconsistent with the experience of the trial, and due to systems issues at BT, a large number of faults were raised and as a consequence we experienced backlogs in our support centre. These are now clearing down and will be gone by the end of this weekend.

We also recently suffered power service issues causing network disruption and recently an email service issue which was entirely avoidable and due to human error.

As employees and of course users of our services, we’re painfully aware of the above issues which, if they occurred too frequently, would inevitably lead to you questioning your ability to recommend PlusNet to new customers. It’s all too easy to conclude from all this that we may not have been providing the quality of service that we once were.

What are we doing about it? We have tackled BT in relation to the 8Mb MAX upgrade programme and have delivered fixes to the systems and process issues. We will be restarting the 8Mb MAX upgrade programme in the coming weeks. The fact that we suspended the upgrade programme meant that we stopped adding to our backlog of service issues in the support centre and allowed us to focus on clearing it down.

We’re making sure that should you not be able to get what you need online you can get in touch with a knowledgeable and properly skilled support analyst. To that end we have restructured the support centre resulting in the average quality of the analysts increasing. We are taking on board customer feedback and restructuring parts of our support journeys online, like the Help Assistant and how you find the content that will help you.

PlusNet remains the ISP it always was, everyone here cares deeply about our customers, and we are working hard to fix stuff whilst at the same time developing our platform and products further. We have staff who work round the clock because they want to make things better for the people they see as important – the customers. Not because we make them.

We want you to judge us by our actions and not just our words. You have been one of the foundations of our success and we know we have let you down. Historically service disruption has always been there, but not in the same frequency as the last two or three months. As regards the experience that some customers have had in that period, we are truly sorry. We are determined that this will not go on for any longer and we will make things better.

You may have already come across the PlusNet UserGroup. If not you can find them at This is an excellent way to see more of what’s happening and of driving feedback to us. The Usergroup members are all customers of PlusNet plc, working in a volunteer capacity on behalf of other PlusNet plc customers.

Yours truly,

Alistair Wyse
Technical Director

PlusNet Customer Support

This email has been sent as it contains important information about your service from PlusNet. Please do not reply to this email, as this is an unmonitored address.
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Plusnet admits that they have let us down

Yes I've just received one as well so I think it's a mass mailing being sent out.

In hindsight though I think the main culprit in all the recent problems has been the roll out of MaXDSL.
It just hasn't gone to plan and CS have been swamped with customer complaints, so much so that they were totally unable to cope.
With the announcement of the MaxDSL roll out everyones expectations were on a high and disapointment has soured things for many that were hoping for instant higher speeds.
I for one am glad that Plusnet had the sense to stop the roll out untill the problems are overcome.

The mail does say that everything should be back to normal by this weekend so lets hope that is correct.

Also I feel that the getting into bed with Tiscali has not been a smooth wedding and many faults have been caused by this LLU action.
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Plusnet admits that they have let us down

The email has been sent out to about 9500 people - I can't remember the criteria, but it's basically our top referrers.


Plusnet admits that they have let us down

just sent to those who mean somthing to plus net then eg the ones who generate more money for them.

afraid to say so but typical

Plusnet admits that they have let us down

I work in IT Customer Service myself and given the issues, I think it is a very good email.

The big problem is that it doesn't seem to be addressing the main issue that we have all been suffering from - that folk who have been moved to LLU, seem to be completely stuffed - and I mean COMPLETELY, if their LLU line doesn't work.

If the LLU move works - then fine, but for those with problems, it seems to be virtually impossible to get them fixed - and more infuriating, to be able to contact anybody at Plusnet to take ownership of getting the problem fixed.

To give you an example, one of my referrals has been without a working connection for two weeks now. His connection went down the precise moment the LLU migration occured for his line.

Since then, despite logged tickets, personal pleas to some of your folk and a fault logged with Tiscali - absolutely zip has happened, other than being given a Tiscali fault number 4 days ago.

What is worse, is that as I understand it, he can't even vote with his feet - because there are problems with giving out MAC's for Tiscali migrated LLU connections.

I would just like a clear answer as to:

1. What does Plusnet propose to do for all those migrated to Tiscali, for whom their connection hasn't worked since migration?


2. What compensation are you going to pay for the time that they have been without service?

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Plusnet admits that they have let us down

2. What compensation are you going to pay for the time that they have been without service?

Especially in cases where PN has violated the T&Cs by not giving these people 14 days notice prior to the move to LLU.

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Plusnet admits that they have let us down

Three of my friends, all with PlusNet, all at the same exchange, lost their connections completely late last week. Modems/routers not synching, no ADSL signal, whatever. Basically, from their perspective, no broadband. Two raised tickets, one didn't bother once he knew of the other two.

All three got their service back yesterday, at the same time. All three report much higher speeds than they had before, with upload synch indicating they'd been LLU ed. From that angle, they're quite pleased. One had a CS comment added to his ticket noting that he'd been connected for over an hour by their reckoning, so was his problem fixed?

The problem is that none of them received a warning email, and one of them actually has an acknowledged LLU opt-out ticket. These guys are all network-savvy (we're in the business), and basically just waited until it got better, as we all recognised the symptoms. I feel sorry for the non-savvy, and the worry (and possible expense) that it causes them, just not having a clue what's up.

PlusNet really must start communicating LLU better. What worries me is that given their commitment to improved CS, I'm coming to the conclusion that the reason they don't warn anybody is that they actually don't know themselves, as Tiscali haven't bothered to tell them which particular exchange they're enabling when. :?

Vis-a-vis the thread topic, they all feel a bit let down.

Plusnet admits that they have let us down

The email has been sent out to about 9500 people - I can't remember the criteria, but it's basically our top referrers.


Is there any plan to email all your other customers, to explain that you've let them down aswell?
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Plusnet admits that they have let us down

As someone who's been annoyed with PlusNet over the past few months, but am now a happy max customer, I have to congratulate PlusNet on sending out that e-mail. It's not often a company, especially a floating one, says they've made avoidable errors.

I know it was sent to customers who referred people, but it is true that I was getting worried some of the customers I had referred would be getting upset with a less than perfect service, so it makes sense to send to people who've referred only to reassure them.

I am happy I did not move from PlusNet and am pleased PN are getting sorted out. It's unfortunate they're getting the stick for problems which are infact BT-wide.

I am happy with the brilliant clarity of the home phone service itemised billing and services, it's a lot clearer than TalkTalk and BT!


Well done PN.
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Plusnet admits that they have let us down

Nicely worded Alistair !

Would it be possible to send all other customers a similarly well worded mail, so we can all feel that you guys care?
Kind of a "feel the lurve" mail! Hehe! Smiley

too little too late

In hindsight though I think the main culprit in all the recent problems has been the roll out of MaXDSL

I totally disagree - The main issue is extremely poor management and complete failure in planning - MaxDSL is just one "failure" in the last year or so of "customer relationship blunders" by plusnet ....

For me it started in Feb 2005 with the mess made with contention rate changes for "Broadband Home Premier" customers.

This was followed by the "fair use" policy implementation, multiple misleading emails about dslmax, poor implementation of usage measurements (still not working as far as I can see on the forums), a total mess of integrating two systems, power outages, the email loss debacle, so called customer service improvements, new phone system implementation, new portal changes that did not work, use of a LLU supplier and poor resource planning meaning the company has been unable to cope with demand as new offerings are rolled out.

Perhaps the CEO and senior management at Plus.Net should look for employment in a brewery .... See how well they do there.

I hope someone is in charge and gets a grip - for me I have my release date agreed and with time off for good behaviour I am out of here on Tuesday

Plusnet admits that they have let us down

I appreciated the sentiments and I liked the tone and felt it was very positive. Shows they are listening. Well done to whomever put it together. And an ever bigger wet kiss for not trying to sell me a fridge at the end of the email Cheesy

Here's hoping we won't need another one like that though in a few months. I want to see PN do well but that doesn't mean I want to read or hear about some of what they've recently been up to over at ADSLGude -very unprofessional and unbusines-like. PN should completely ignore irrelevant (ie they don't use PN) detractors and do what any business should do: keep their customers happy.

So, let's get things on a steady keel and sort what needs sorting quick.

Plusnet admits that they have let us down

I welcomed the email and now would like to see the sentiments expressed put into action. In otherwords ensuring the customers are put first.

Plusnet admits that they have let us down

As a referrer who has not referred enough people to receive the email I feel it is an insult. Whether we have referred many or none we are all suffering the effects of plusnets misguided policies and this email is further proof that plusnet have lost the plot. This email only serves to highlight where plusnets priorities are. Perhaps this email would have been more appropriate at least to be sent out to the people who have been referred.

Plusnet admits that they have let us down

As a referrer who has not referred enough people to receive the email I feel it is an insult.

That's a bit strong. It's pretty obvious PN are having severe problems and yes I could pick that email apart and attack all sorts of things in it. However, the sentiments and apparent sincerity cannot be ignored and I'm always up for giving people another chance.

As for them not mailing it to every PN customer, well not every customer has a problem (and I know my referrals wouldn't be interested sine they don't read misc emails) and truthfully hardly any customer (relatively) has massive problems. I hope!

I say give them a chance over the next few months and suck it and see. Ofcom remove most regulation from BT on the 1st August including line rental charges. This will change the market again and hopefully Plusnet will have been planning for that. If not it will be another blow for a small ISP.

Here's hoping they get DSLMax sorted very soon.