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Plusnet Support

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Registered: 28-08-2007

Plusnet Support

I'm always the first to moan when something goes wrong, so i thought now that its time to eat humble pie (mmm...pie...) I'll have to air my views here as well.

After the travesty of last month where my usage stats took 6 days to be reset whilst i was on 'management', and an apology afetr raising a ticket with the its not fully automatic yet excuse, I'm pleased to say that this month the semi-automated system has come up trumps and my VBMU was reset just after midnight; thereby allowing me to make full use of the non peak speed with clean allowance speed. (Read Paragraph X, sub section xx, line xxx of T&C's version 6.1.2. Beta)

Thank you for listening PlusNet. Keep it up Cool