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Plusnet Shop


Plusnet Shop

All the links take you to the +Net site. You cannot navigate back to the F9 member centre once in the shop. Not thinking about F9 customers again methinks!!

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Plusnet Shop

The shop isn't just for PlusNet subscribers its a public service open to anyone. Given the difference in the numbers of subscribers that F9/FOL have compared to PlusNet it makes little economic sence for them to set up 3 different checkouts and payment systems as most people will find the PlusNet portal first.

Its not a case of F9 customers being left out again, its just good business sence Smiley

But I do understand where you are comming from, It would be kind of useful if I could take advantage of the PlusNet wireless offering from BTo.

C'est la vie!
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Plusnet Shop

I wasn't asking for a separate shop and checkout, but it would be nice if the shop was within the F9 portal system so that once you had finished browsing you could click on the meber centre to come back "home". As it is, clicking there takes you to +Net which is of no use to F9/ FOL users. Most other cross visp services are accessible from your own portal and usually they are added at a later date as an afterthought.

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Plusnet Shop

That is why the Back button is so useful, especially the drop down arrow next to it, you go down the list until you hit Force9.

Although i would have though they would have made it accessible via a f9 domain redirect and just applied another stylesheet.

Plusnet Shop

f9/fol users can't login in using there usernames because its the plusnet system, thats just going to confuse people!

Maybe having a pull down menu next to the login form saying something like or or something like that!

Maybe add to the help section and fol user cant use there usernames at present.

What do you think?