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Plusnet Service


Plusnet Service

First time posting a message here.

I have been with Plusnet for a month now - 2Mb Premium account.

1] I was migrated from BT on the same day I had been told I would be.
2] The speeds and availability of service have been excellent.
3] I am a little concerned that I am paying £29.99 for an upgrade which according to the posts on this page I have little or no prospect of receiving in the foreseeable future!

On the whole a good start, although I can understand other peoples feeling who have not been so lucky. Plusnet do need, I think to improve their communications and be far more careful with what they "promise" such as the speed upgrade option.

Plusnet Service

Downgrade, Downgrade oh and Downgrade!

Do NOT pay £29.99, it's a con, PLEASE do the right thing and downgrade to £21.99. If you want 4mbit when it comes out it will only cost you £15 to upgrade and it will certainly be more than 2 months from now so will work out cheaper (2x£8=£16). PN don't deserve that money right now.