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Plusnet Overcharging - The final Straw?


Plusnet Overcharging - The final Straw?

We have all put up with a lot of Link:censored from Plusnet, whether it be the unilateral change contract terms FUPSUP. The limits on what we could and couldn't download, being expected to know the different hours for this traffic and that traffic,. The AV eating up legitimate emails with encrypted ZIP files and legit ebay ones too. The extended downtime and email crashes or the 8mb Upgrade that downgrades your line to 1.3mb or worse still cuts you off altogether.

I have put up with these more through my own lazyness than anything else, it is true I downgraded the line to PAYG as I was not going to pay for a UNLIMITED service that clearly LIMITED. I am not a downloader of music or video and it was on these dear forums that people said to me that with a 600mb usage per month I would be better of on PAYG. Strangely when I did this my traffic usage doubled to 1.2gb so that routinely got an extra £1.25 off me. That was fine I still felt that I had sent a clear message to Plusnet and reduced their income (not that they care).

Well now they are forcing me off, today when I tried to visit a website I go redirected to a site telling me I had used my allowance and needed to set a new limit. I have gone over my limit before and they just send me an email, I never had my browing blocked. This really Link:censored me off because I needed to get something urgently. I did not ask for this nanny and even when I told it to carry on it still refused to let me to any site. Then I noticed that they was a reminder in tiny print saying you had to reboot your router. Great!

I thought at this time it might be sensible to check my traffic as I am not a great downloader. Here was the real shock, so my monthly usage is normally around 600mb even if Plusnet insists on charging me for 1.2gb per month. Well here are the figures for the week:

This week's usage in detail

----------------------Mon 10------Tue 11------Wed 12------Thu 13-----Fri 14-----Sat 15-----Sun 16
Paid-for usage--436.38MB---58.12MB---1.49GB---50.91MB 1.25MB - -
Free usage----------2.55MB---12.11MB---7.67MB---5.31MB---2.92MB - -
Total-----------------438.93MB---70.23MB---1.5GB---56.21MB 4.18MB - -

This kind of traffic may be usual for some of you but all I do is a bit of email, some browsing, the biggest download I have done was a 150mb zip of VMware which I downloaded in April. The idea of a months usage in one day this wednesday is a joke, and not a funny one as I have to pay for this.

So now what, can I request an audit, knowing Plusnet they will just ignore me? The obvious answer would be to upgrade to the unlimited service and if the service was halfway decent I might be prepared to do that but why should I be forced to give this bunch of sharks more money for a service that is clearly getting worse day by day?

I have seen several other posts on here saying that they put some new system in that "counts traffic differently", is this the latest Plusnet EXCUSE (man they are full of them). I think there is now definately a case for the Office of Fair Trading and depending on their response I will start preparing the case. (Can anyone recommend a good solution for traffic monitoring?

I really feel that I am being forced out, I don't know what the problem is but at the very least I am going to convert my second line to Talk Talk. Then I can compare them week on week and prepare to go with no loss of service. PN must be gutted that TT got 340,000 new customers in two months.

Please vote in my poll even if you don't fully agree with the wording which reflects how I feel right now.

If anyone has had similar problems please send me a PM for my OFT case.

Moderators note by John (johnessex) attempt to avoid swear filter removed.

Plusnet Overcharging - The final Straw?

Will the last one out please turn off the lights!!!!!!

Plusnet Overcharging - The final Straw?

There won't be any lights because the power will have been cut off due to lack of payment!