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Plusnet Might as well tell you to ***** off


Plusnet Might as well tell you to ***** off

Plusnet are just one load of rip off merchants I have been with Plusnet for nearly 4 months now with problem after problem all their fault with over 20 calls to tech support and not once did I get a answer to fix the problem all I ever got was standard its your line we will notify bt or raise a ticket for them to close. When they knew full well that the problem was at there end. This disgraceful the way Plusnet lie to their customers any other industry they would be taken to court but not Plusnet they get away with it thought the contract we signed giving up all our rights.

Just spoke with Tech support about the latest problems and he repeated himself saying that there is nothing we can do. What he should of said was "We dont have to do anything tough I am pissing my pants at you signing up with Plusnet the rip off merchants. Plusnet you have screwed me for over £300.



RE: Plusnet Might as well tell you to ***** off

Good evening Guy,

Please see the Service Status section of our website. We appear that ADSL is not performing 100% for all our users, and we have scheduled several ADSL platform upgrades that should restore the service for those affected.

Kind Regards,

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