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Plusnet Helpline

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Registered: 16-09-2007

Plusnet Helpline


Could i suggest to Plusnet to make the phonesystem simple, i.e you phone and someone answers then directs your call.

For the first time since i joined (2 years ago) i have had to ring your helpline.

After 20 ! frustrating minutes of press 1 for this 2 for that 3 for the other, most of the time it said "go to to the portal" which is no good when i need to speak to someone, no matter what option i pressed it was giving out hints and tips so you didn't need to talk to anyone.

Could i suggest a press 9 to speak to someone and bypass all the crap.

I gave up in the end an decided i would not bother to ring and let my connection work when it was ready to.

PLusnet is a good service, shame the backup is not.

Best regards

Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Plusnet Helpline

Hi Graham,

Thanks for the feedback. The long term aim is to make it easier to navigate and get through to the support team but with the backlogs we've had and the volumes of calls and tickets coming in we've had to prioritise the phone system for connection faults and the less urgent queries via the Help Assistant.

It's going to be a slow and gradual process to change things around, but we are getting there, if you haven't read it already the following announcement from Ian contains a lot of the details of the things we are doing to put things right: