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Plusnet Game server down???


Plusnet Game server down??? Enemy Territory

Down, nadda zip, diddly.

Any reason in particular and when will normal gaming resume?

I've just updated my graphics card becuase I love the game so much!

I cant even ask James or Battlerat whats up as the website is also down.

Seeing as it's a PLUSNET GAME SERVER HOSTED BY PLUSNET... on plusnets equipment......

thought I'd best ask here.

I first noticed it was down at 5.30am this morning ( 30th Dec )

it's still showing up ( 4.30pm 30th Dec ) is a pro server and seems to work although you cant play on it as it's setup for 3v3 matches at the mo. is full and asks you to redirect to LOL LOL LOL. I guess they ( Enemy Nightmare staff ) dont know 230 is down.

PLEASE HELP Mr Plusnet Techie! Cheesy

Happy Holidays are not so happy without a bit of plusnet gameplay.