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Plusnet Experiences (Mainly Support)


Plusnet Experiences (Mainly Support)

I have been with pn about 18 months , when I joined it was a nice ISP , everything ran like it should. If I had to call support I was through within a few rings at that time though the service was fine and I rarely needed to call them.

Now we come to the last few weeks I have spoken to support 3 or 4 times about different issues, they seemed to have forgotten where their wages come from , yes US. They can be very flippant and sometimes I got the impression that they dont really give 2 shits.

Then we come to tonights call, about crap torrent speeds.
The guy I just spoke to didnt even know there was a problem , when I pointed him to the service status page and the 46 page thread on here about p2p started by a plusnet employee he seemed to get very confused trying to work out how to get himself out of it.

In the end he admitted there were ongoing issues but had no idea when they would be fixed.

To be honest if the BT buyout thing is to be believed I can understand how they feel as their jobs may well be offered to someone in india. so why should they care.

Plusnet do you care or are even interested in your customers?
Perhaps someone from there would like to comment in that huge thread about p2p speeds and tell the people that pay their wages whats going on.

Plusnet Experiences (Mainly Support)

I spoke to one around midnight who almost ignored me and chatted to his pal while sorting my problem after me insisting (which PN had 100% blame for and didn't apologise). Very unprofessional!

Last time I called it took 57 mins to answer Evil

Incidentally this was before BT were on the scene and therefore not India related.

When I joined they were numero uno or thereabouts, how times havechanged since the heady days of 2003!

Don't get me started about email :x