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Plusnet/DSLmax = joke!


Plusnet/DSLmax = joke!

With no prior warning and with no reply to my query if we had indeed been "upgraded" to DSLmax ...since the 17th August we have had disconnections, speed fluctuations etc. all consistent with DSLmax, naturally we assumed we had been placed on DSLmax without being informed, contrary to Plusnet's own guidelines. So we refrained from complaining as we knew what to expect. (I will add here that we are STILL getting disconnections and poor speeds after almost 14 days!)

We then get an email from Plusnet 24th August, informing us we are "shortly" going to be placed on DSLmax!!

Are we to assume we have to go through all this disruption yet againHuh

Sheesh...does Plusnet know what they are doing....we have just about had enough and are seriously considering leaving, PN is getting worse as each day passes.

Plusnet/DSLmax = joke!

welcome to the land on continual router reboots!!

4 a day for meSad

SNR up and down like a brides trollys....

Ticket going on for 2.5 months now!!