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I have to say that regardless of the current problems, PlusNet has been and still is the best ISP I have ever used.

I have been with PlusNet for six months or so and this is the first problem I have ever had.

People are posting with complaints about customer service, but from what I can see they HAVE kept us informed of what was going on and I felt no need to phone them up for information.

But upgrades are necessary and are for our benefit in the long run. It would be stupid to stay in the stone age thinking 'oooh better not upgrade in case something goes wrong. lets just keep our ZX Spectrums instead'

I do have sympathy for the people who use PlusNet for business though. Hopefully, by 6pm tonight everything will be back to normal.


If you want bad customer service...try Freedom 2 Surf. Now that IS bad.

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RE: PlusNet

Well said.
I agree, a day or two of disruption is a hell of a lot better than a constant sub-standard service.
And full marks to Plus Net for keeping this forum updated\what's happening.
I doubt you'd get that level of service elsewhere... they even let Net4Nowt now what's going on, for those people who couldn't\don't access this forum.
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RE: PlusNet

Agreed to a degree but this came at the worst possible time for me.

<edit rant>
</edit rant></rant>


RE: PlusNet

Yeah plusnet are the best ISP ever. Ok so they have there problems everybody does. The internet is very complex its bound to go wrong sometimes.

All these people asking for compensation when plusnet is probably the cheapeast and best ISP.
If they dont like it they can go somewhere else but the service wont be as great as it is here.