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PlusNet user group web sites

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PlusNet user group web sites

I wonder if we could have some clarification as to the role of each of the user group web sites.

We have the “official” PlusNet web site (this one)….

Also PlusNetters, PlusNet Usertools, and I have just found PlusNet User Group.

Maybe the owners of each site could give a short explanation of what their sites are for? I would have thought the 3 unofficial sites could be combined and maybe have a link there from the official PlusNet site?
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PlusNet user group web sites

The PUG and usertools are "official".

Plusnetters is unofficial.

I'll have a think and post back with a better description for plusnetters.
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PlusNet user group web sites

Also the usertools site is specifically for tutorials / utilities etc whereas usergroup aka PUG has a totally different purpose, as does PlusNetters.


PlusNet user group web sites

Hi Nick,

As mentioned above, the User Group is a recognised body made up from customers of all of the Visp's. The group was founded in Oct 2004 and to quote from the website

The PlusNet Usergroup (PUG) is an independent group of users from PlusNet, Free-Online and Force9 using the whole range of products and services with a diverse and varied degree of knowledge and expertise.

The group was conceived in April 2004 with the aim of being an independant and officially recognised group of individuals working with each other and with PlusNet to ensure that the products, services, support and facilities are the best we could ask for.

We, the usergroup, are currently making a number of changes, the new website being one, which will raise our profile with the user base and hopefully increase interaction with our fellow customers.

We will warmly welcome input from the user base, but it should be noted that we are unable to offer support for technical issues etc, but if customers have concerns or issues and feel we can help, we will welcome feedback.

For further info including our charter see this

Hope that helps explain the purpose of the Plus Net User Group in some measure.