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PlusNet trying to charge too much!


PlusNet trying to charge too much!

to quote Jwhiting "your notice counts fromwhen you request your MAC key..."

I requested my MAC key on 15/02/06, and PlusNet should cancel my account 1 month after my next billing period. My next billing period was 21/02/06. But PlusNet are trying to charge me for the next billing period after that 21/03/06, which occurs a good 35 days after I gave my notice.

I migrated away from PlusNet 05/02/06 and PlusNet are trying to use this date, rather than the date that I requested my MAC key.

I am already paying £14.99 to move and an extra 16 days that I am not going to use. With Zen it cost me nothing to move and they actually refunded me for the unused days on my monthly contract...

I am getting truly frustrated by the applauling customer service and despite explaining this in great detail it takes 2+days for customer service to respond with nope we plan to charge you an additional month because we cant add up properly! I am now 10 days into this ticket and PlusNet still refuse to use their publicised cancellation date!
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PlusNet trying to charge too much!

Actually, according to the T&Cs:

23.5 If you have paid any Charges for a period after the end of the Agreement we will either repay it or put it towards any money you owe us

So you should be due a refund for the days between the 17/3 (30 days after you gave notice on the 15/2) and the 21/3.

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PlusNet trying to charge too much!

Normally, matters such as this are relatively straight forwards and we do have systems in place to take care of this once BT inform us that you've been migrated away in order to prevent this kind of thing happening.

But there are still a few instances where BT don't inform us that you've been migrated away and things have to be handled manually. Looking at it the ticket in question has been passed through internally so that we can get the account cancled off correctly.

PlusNet trying to charge too much!

I've got to say that PlusNet have been great with not overcharging me in the past, reimbursing me for portions of months with account changes and the like. It's not an excuse, but they are busy at the moment and I'm sure you'll get whats due to you... eventually.