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PlusNet's Broadband Products are confusing


PlusNet's Broadband Products are confusing

Can everyone please look at this page with fresh 'potential' customer eyes and tell me which product they think is the 'BEST'?

How many people who don't read these forums would actually come away thinking that the product that is billed as:

"No frills broadband at an unbelievable price!" ..Is actually much better than the others?

So so confusing, people will buy Premier thinking is the best product then as soon as they found out how cack it is stumble along here and realize actually the no frills product is what they should have bought.

Can someone explain the logic please?
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Registered: 04-04-2007

PlusNet's Broadband Products are confusing

Definitely agree that it does make Premier to sound like the better product.

Myself and Ian are stuck in a meeting tomorrow to discuss this very thing.