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PlusNet relationship with BT:blessing or curse?


PlusNet relationship with BT:blessing or curse?

this is a post ive just made at ADSLguide,
maybe Plusnet in light of recent events needs to take a measured view of a few things?

Remeber the MaxDSL thing? BT's Trial was a lot less that has been talked about and made plusnet look Very silly?
BT make a big play about Fair usage and capping and before long some ISP's follow
Then the "delay" in Bt's Capping till sept 05 which we all know by that time will be just in time for hopefully the end of the MaxDSL trials,plusnet then suddenly change and drop the FUP.
I think maybe looking back who is this "partnership" really helping?
all im seeing BT did just as big a U turn as plusnet but flew Straight under the Radar
and seems to have gotten away with it.

PlusNet relationship with BT:blessing or curse?

Blessing or Curse?

Curse, definitely.

Prior first hand experience and watching them make a mate of mine jump naked thru hoops on his yearly contract. Needless to say he is with a different ISP now.
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PlusNet relationship with BT:blessing or curse?

To be honest, BT didn't change their product range, and then change it again part way through introducing the first change!

If PN had stuck with the original products, introduced some price reductions and introduced FUP with a single allowance for everyone, and then later withdrawn the FUP I doubt that the current fuss about PN would have arisen.

The problem is that PN didn't just introduce FUP it introduced a new range of products (to be honest these were fairer to those stuck on slower connections since you paid for usage, and on a slow connection you would typically use less).

Then PN announce another product change mid step (despite the fact that some were already paying different prices for 2Mb on the basis of different FUP allowances).

And to make matters worse, PN are keeping customers in the dark about what the new products are - that just encourages speculation and suspicion. Meanwhile someone paying 39.99 and getting 2Mb will be paying £4 more over the next week than someone paying 21.99 for 2Mb, with no idea what (if anything) that £4 will be buying them.