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PlusNet confirm ADSL Launch at £22.99 Inc VAT!


PlusNet confirm ADSL Launch at £22.99 Inc VAT!

PlusNet are pleased today to confirm the finalised consumer ADSL product.

There are four different variants on offer all based around a £19.57 [£22.99 Inc VAT] a month subscription and the BT activation fee, passed on at cost (£50.00 [£58.75 Inc VAT]).

The standard offering is based around an annual contract, however for an addition one-off £10 [£11.75 Inc VAT] Administration fee, monthly contracts will also be available at £19.57 [£22.99 Inc VAT]. For customers wishing to minimise their initial costs, we also provide an option that builds in the activation fee at £24.15 [£28.38 Inc VAT] per month for the first year, reverting to £19.57 [£22.99 Inc VAT] per month thereafter.

The fourth option is to choose a BT Engineer Installed / managed solution, including hardware, for the same £19.57 [£22.99 Inc VAT] per month, with a total installation and set-up fee of £210.00 [£246.75 Inc VAT].

Alistair Wyse, Technical Director stated, “Our consumer ADSL service, reinforced with the automation and accountability of provisioning and support, along with our commitment to quality of service, means that PlusNet is the best choice for ADSL in the UK.”

As part of the capacity planning strategy in place, PlusNet has been working closely with BT to manage the Network requirements in the coming months. Visibility of which will be made available to customers through our industry leading portal ( Wyse commented, “Other ISPS have fallen into the trap of overselling their capacity and not being able to efficiently provision the orders placed with them. This will not be a problem at PlusNet, and the accountability in place will ensure that our customers are satisfied with the way we expand the DSL service.

With pricing already at the leading edge in the market place, PlusNet give its customers the ability to get an even better deal through its referral scheme, which gives customers a monthly value for all accounts referred. Wyse concluded, ”Customers get 42p [50p Inc VAT] per month for every consumer ADSL referral for as long as the account is with us. Due to the automation, this is both profitable for us while giving the customer access to the best ADSL deal in the country.”