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PlusNet Webcam Issue

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Registered: 13-04-2007

PlusNet Webcam Issue

There is an issue with the PlusNet Webcams that if you are using Firefox to view the stream once you close the window, the stream cont to be downloaded.

I brought this up with a CS person a few months ago, but with all this FUP, Managed Accounts, PAYG ADSL, etc it wouldnt take long before someone unknowingly becomes a Bad Boy after a few hours of unknowingly downloading at there max speed.

The CS person origionally just told me that Firefox isnt supported and PlusNet wouldnt do anything about this issue.

Would PlusNet please put a warning on the webcams or mayby fix this issue??

I for one would be very anoyed if my 2Gb allowance had been eaten up by a usless webcan stream that I hadnt even watched.

PlusNet Webcam Issue

There is a bug open on this issue ([here]).

It is a problem in firefox itself, and has several other bug numbers from other reports at different sites.