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PlusNet Quality Guarantee

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PlusNet Quality Guarantee

I thought that this page could do with a little more prominent airing. Note the following
Data-intensive activities such as file sharing, P2P and Usenet traffic are given slightly less priority, but will still be fast. For example: a download that would have previously taken one hour may now take a couple of minutes longer.
Broadband Plus
Broadband Plus is not designed for heavy downloading, which is why network traffic management is applied to data-intensive FTP, Usenet and P2P traffic during peak-times, and (to a lesser extent) off-peak hours.

We recommend Broadband Premier or Broadband PAYG for customers who want a service optimised for data-intensive activities.

Now obviously the first statement which is in the section that refers to all products as it is not stated anywhere that is only applies to Premier is being economical with the truth with respect to BB+.
However my main grumble is with the new description of BB+ which states that for data intensive applications PAYG should be considered. This, to my mind, implies that downloading even 2 or 3 GB a month is not acceptable.
Alternatively for PAYG to be a viable product the average usage needs to be less than about 6GB per month otherwise Premier is the obvious choice.
Clearly the use to which BB+ is designed for and intended to be used for is "bursty" traffic not continuous downloads of any description.
Perhaps PlusNet might like to comment on this following multiple statements implying either that the heavy shaping of FTP was intended / was a mistake / is now being rethought after complaints.
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PlusNet Quality Guarantee

if they rethink it - it was clearly inteded, as stated - then i want to be regraded to BB+ for free - and any additional costs incurred, reimbursed. This is all a joke. I've seen on some other threads +net CS staff saying that the ftp throttling wasn't intended - yet, as you posted about - it is stated in their description of the BB+ account!?!!

I am struggling to see the clear distinctions between the current line of products. Why would the vast majority of +net customers (on BB+) who are only on average using 1-2gig not rather be on unthrottled PAYG if they new that BB+ was being so heavily crippled?!? The standard patter about BB+ meaning you don't have to keep track of your usage is just rubbish. Nobody on BB+ can actually dowload that much right now anyhow - so mr average user, just browing - emailing etc isn't ever going to exceed the 1-2 gig levels that make PAYG more attractive!!

Is it just me - or is this just plain obvious?Huh