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PlusNet / Product Announcements


PlusNet / Product Announcements

No, I''ve not made a mistake with the topic title, read on...

I accidentally (honest guv!) blundered in here this afternoon, and the topic 4 and 8Mb refund FAQ caught my eye. It was posted 15 May by Ian Wild. It details (amongst other things) eligibility for product refund should the product upgrade to either 4 or 8Mb not materialise.

Thinking my memory had gone completely I checked F9 Product Announcements and could find no reference to it.

This leads me to several conclusions:

1. Someone screwed up (again) and this was't posted to F9 forum announcements
2. F9 customers aren't eligible so there was no need

Following on from either of these I then came to the conclusion that either way, it does show a complete lack of regard for F9 forum readers / F9 customers in general.

Of coarse, this will be regarded as yet another moan.

Anyone who wants to read more follow this link.

PlusNet / Product Announcements

Hi Fred,

this is not the first time, and I imagine it certainly will not be the last. There have been several recent announcements made by +Net support, which haven't been posted at all the vISP's.

Earlier last week I found a genuine CS post at a third party website some 5 days before it arrived here.

Not impressed at all.