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PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution


PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution

Im not sure if this breaks any forum rules so moderators please feel free to remove this post if it does.

I was hoping for some advice. I have been a Plusnet customer for a good few years now, and have always been reasonably happy with the level of service I have had. However, it seems Plusnet is not competing economically anymore. Take, for example, the Eclipse Evolution service (Eclipse being, to my ears, a reasonably respected ISP).

The style is similar to Premier, but for £18.99 they offer a 30GB FUP (usage only counts at peak time) and peak hours set at 6pm - midnight, on MaxDSL. Thats 15GB more data and a smaller peak window by 2hrs. Add to the equation up to 8 free static IPs (post-RIPE) and 20 free POP boxes, and I am having difficulty seeing the benefit of Premier.

URL for product:
URL for FUP:

I would be glad if someone can advise me of the downside of this because I really would like to stay with Plusnet, but the package differential seems enormous to me.

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PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution


I am confused.

This page tells a different story though. Also the "throttling rates are also more harsh from the off it would seem and Newsgroups are banned too.

Whilst strictly speaking, this subject shouldnt be in this forum, we recently had a Zen comparison thread. So, perhaps in the interests of consistency this could be explored for a bit. |If it strays off the direct comparison we may have to look at it again.

PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution


Thanks for that. The page you linked to is for the Home broadband product, more akin to PN PAYG than Premier. The FUP doesn't affect that product. The one im interested in is the Evolution product.
What makes you think that throttling applies at all from the off... as far as I can see:

If you exceed the fair usage limit for your product then your broadband contention will be increased and the performance of your broadband will degrade.

The emphasis there is mine. This seems similar to the way Premier works, indeed, Premier starts throttling P2P before you reach your FUP threshold, and blocks it altogether once you hit it. Evolution limits to 256k once you hit the threshold.

It should be noted that upstream use is included in FUP with Eclipse (whereas it isnt in PremierHuh?) and Newsgroups are indeed prohibited on the £18.99 product.
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PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution

Want the bad news.
This is from the FAQ
Why do you manage traffic on your Evolution Broadband products?

All Eclipse Evolution Broadband products come with unlimited downloads (subject to a generous Fair Usage Policy), but, in order to give all of our customers the best possible service at a competitive price, we manage the traffic on these products so that intensive activities such as such as file downloads, peer-to-peer (P2P) and Usenet traffic do not swamp the network and slow down time-sensitive traffic, such as web browsing, email, gaming and Internet phone calls
I wonder if they bought some ellacoyas :lol:

PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution

I think all of them shape the services to be fair, and if they didnt use to they do now. Most peoples complaint with +Net is that theyve made such a mess of its implementation.

If you check out adsl guide then complaints about shaping on the unlimited services are certainly present.

I actually wouldnt mind PlusNets capped service if the allowance I do get wasnt a bit iffy. I know this isnt normal because someone in my building is broadcasting unsecured wireless from one of the unlimited ISP's (dont know if Im allowed to say which one) I use it when +Net falls over and although their line is actually 1meg it does better than my 2 meg. Admittedly this isnt a comprehensive comparison as I only use it when i have trouble with +Net due to having to go into a corner of the bedroom but even so!
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PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution

You do know using other peoples unsecured wireless is illegal?

PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution

The Eclipse Evolution packages look extremely attractive to me. The £18.99 package offers far less restriction that PlusNet's Premier Option 1, for £3 less!

PlusNet Premier vs. Eclipse Evolution

the 10gb allowance is just too small now

nildram's product looks far more competitive.