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PlusNet= Joke for Business?


PlusNet= Joke for Business?

I would like to hear back from anyone with a Business account that has had bad support / service of late.

I’m I being unreasonable in saying that after logging a call approx. 48 hours ago that someone should of at least called me back Ref my connection issues?

According to the Support Rep. last night if you add extra comments to your call log it goes to the bottom of the pile?

In my case plus net is not a good business option!

Plus Net & I quote : - see PR pages!

"It's not what you do - it's the way that you do it. PlusNet delivers excellent products and excellent service thanks to its dynamic combination of the right people, the latest technologies, and a unique workplace platform. These allow PlusNet to keep their customers satisfied"

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I am afraid you could be right...

Unfortunately I have to agree that for business purposes, PlusNet is becoming an increasingly bad choice.

I raised a ticket on the 24th October 2006, and in that time have only had three replies to my 11 comments. Three of those comments were in answer to their questions and the rest were additional supportive information given to aid a solution to the problem. The answer to one of the questions they asked was actually in my opening question!

Unfortunately, from what you are saying, I am shooting myself in the foot each time I post a comment! Even worse, I actually believe that what this support guy says is true because the more I post comments, the longer the replies seem to take!

I have abstained from posting negative comments in the forum concerning PlusNet for a while now, but this company really is one of the most frustrating to deal with and I am beginning to reach the end of my tether. I don't even bother trying to phone them anymore as that will really send me over the edge because it is so infuriating trying to negotiate a successful path through the automated attendant system.

They either don't know what they are doing or they don't care or both. Whichever it is the customer is suffering and businesses are paying even more for the privilege.

Cheers PlusNet!

PlusNet= Joke for Business?

So I'm not the only customer! This is good to hear in some ways and I bet there are many others too.

I did a check on the top 5 worst ISP's for service & support and Plus Net was ranked at no.2, but this was a few weeks ago now.

I Bet the CEO / MD of Plus Net has not been made aware of this?
Or maybe we will see them on Watchdog at some stage?

BAD!!!! Support for Business Accounts only means one thing ZERO Customers in the future?

Still NO response to my connection issues, funny how quickly they take the money and run.